KS-249B For Isuzu Nissan Chrysler Rover Yugo Washer Pump

1. Part No. : KS-249B

2. Raw material : PA6    

3. Voltage : 12V or 24V.   

4. No load current : 0.9±0.3 A     

5. Load current : 3.5±0.6 A     

6. Output current : ≤3.0A    

7. Confining pressure : ≥137KPA.    

8. Flow rate : 2000ml/min.

9. Application : Isuzu, Nissan, Chrysler,  Rover,  Yugo.

Product Details

KS-249B Washer Pump  For Isuzu Nissan Chrysler Rover Yugo

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