• When should I change my wiper blades ?

    It is recommended to change your wiper blades every six to twelve months, however weather, seasonal and environmental conditions may require longer or shorter replacement intervals.

  • Why should I chose KING wiper blades ?

    We have advantage of “DQP “;  D= punctual delivery ; Q = perfect quality;  P= reasonable price. KING is the brand you can trust for a quality wiper blade that performs in any driving environment and weather condition.  We understand the importance of Original Equipment fit and form replacement parts. Our wiper blades adhere to the industry's toughest standards – and to yours. That's why KING is the best Choice in Wiper Blades.

  • What is hybrid wiper blades ?

    Hybrid wiper blades integrate the aerodynamic features and all-weather efficiency of beam style blades with the precisely positioned pressure points of bridge blades for exceptional wiping performance. This technology represents an appealing new option for millions of consumers who want to upgrade to the latest design or match the performance of their vehicles original equipment hybrid blades.

    KING  hybrid wiper blades are equipped with an integral spoiler that helps maximize downforce and a unique secondary linkage with bowed flexor for firm, consistent blade-to-glass contact for optimized wipe performance at high speeds. Transform wipers also include an advanced-formulation element that provides a streak-free wipe under a full range of conditions.

  • Is there anything I can do to make my wiper blades last longer ?

    Clean your windshield every time you fill up your gas tank. Wipe off the rubber element with a damp paper towel to clear away any dirt or debris. Use an ice scraper or defroster, not your wiper blades, to de-ice your windshield. To prevent wiper blades from sticking to the windshield and ice build up during the winter, pull them away from your windshield.

  • If I have a mental wiper blade on my car now, can I change it to a flat wiper blade ?

    Yes.  you can upgrade your conventional wiper blades quickly and easily to the latest technology in flat wiper blades.

  • Does KING use a better rubber than other wiper blades?

    Yes, we have CR , NR rubber for your cost and quality choice . the ozone test time of the CR rubber is over 48 hours. 

  • What is the difference between flat wiper blade and a traditional wiper blade ?

    Flat wiper blades utilize the latest technology in wiper blades for all season performance. Ice and snow can't adhere to a flat blade because they have less moving parts and no superstructure. Soft  blades are more aerodynamic and have an infinite amount of pressure points for better blade to windshield contact.

    Traditional wiper blades (include snow and Rear blades) have a standard vented bridge that have been on vehicles for decades. They offer dependable performance for a clean, clear wipe.

  • Even though one of my wiper blades is more worn than the other, should I replace both wiper blades?

    Yes.  We always recommend that you replace wiper blades in pairs. This will help to ensure you have the clearest windshield and safest view when driving. Also, all wiper blades are not created equal, that's why we recommend that both wiper blades be the same type and from the same manufacturer. 

  • How do I know when I need to replace my wiper blades?

    Check your wiper blades for these signs of wear:


    Look for splits and slashes, evidence of a hard wiper life.


    Element has pulled away from its metal support, slaps windshield on each wiping pass.


    Worn down, ragged edges from winter conditions or infrequent rubber element refilling.


    Hardened rubber element caused by direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes when wipers are idle. Rubber with little or no flexibility causes chatter and skips across windshield.


    Usually caused by road film or chemicals adhering to rubber refill surface.


    Refill too short or not properly installed loses its effectiveness and may result in a scratched windshield.


    Bent arm, blade or refill is a dead giveaway, caused by ice scrapers and car wash equipment.