Special Savings , Sells Promotion On Flat Wiper Blade For Truck

July 30, 2021

We have a special savings on the flat wiper blade for truck from AUG , 2021 to  DEC 2021.  The new price will be 5% for cheaper than what we are selling before AUG , 2021. 

1. The available length of K-956 Flat Wiper Blade for truck is :  12"/300 mm -28"/700 mm. 

2.  K-956 Flat Wiper Blade is OK for 9x3 mm ,  9x4 mm , 12x4 mm Hook Wiper arms .  

3.  We also can supply K-956 Flat Wiper Blade with washer nozzle and water hose according to your requirement.

4. The application truck information of K-956 flat blade is : Man , Daf , Scania , Mercedes Benz , Renault , Iveco etc.    

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