K-301 Universal All Metal Wiper Blade, More Better For Janpan And Korea Cars

1.  Rubber : we are using high quality rubber blade, for longevity and better wiping performance. 


2. Durability test requirements:

               1). Effective wiper 75% after 500,000 cycles.  

               2). Remain function after 1,500,000 cycles

3. Rivet : Stainless steel rivet and plastic bushing on all bridges to increase the service and strength of the blade than plastic rivet.

4. Much Firm and Rusty Free Frame.

1). 1.2 mm thickness galvanized ZINC steel for main frame (most suppliers are using 1.0 mm thickness).

2). The frame made by galvanized steel with powder painted and special heat treatment to satisfy the 96 hours  Salt Spray Test.

3). Aerodynamic, low profile design.

5. Cleaner wiper : Streak free wiping in both directions.

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